【BRANDED SHORTS 2019】End Family Fire

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【Branded Shorts 2019 ノミネート作品】End Family Fire
広告主: Brady United / Ad Council
広告会社: Droga5 NY
制作会社: Here Be Dragons
Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Executive Officer: Sarah Thompson
Chief Creative Officer: Neil Heymann
Founding Partner: Duncan Marshall
Creative Director: Ash Tavassoli
Creative Director: Jake Shaw
Copywriter: Frank Garcia
Art Director: Giulia Magaldi
Group Design: Director Rich Greco
Jr. Designer: Andrew Diemer
Director of Film Production: Jesse Brihn
Producer, Film: Zack Grant
Producer, Film: Nathan Pardee
Co-Director of Interactive Production: Tasha Cronin
Co-Director of Interactive Production: Justin Durazzo
Senior Producer, Interactive: Andrew Puzzuoli
Associate Producer, Interactive: Colin Neff
Director of Art Production: Cliff Lewis
Senior Producer, Print: Alyssa Dolman
Associate Producer, Art: Elena Baxter
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Whitney Vose
Legal: Zachary Werner
Retoucher: John Clendenen
Graphics Studio Manager: Virginia Vargas
Co-Head of Strategy: Colm Murphy
Strategist: Matt Forster
Strategist: Midori Swaim
Communications Strategist: Hillary Fink
Executive Group Account Director: Agnes Fischer
Group Account Director: Chris Burgess
Account Director: Alli Ray
Account Director: Cara Roberts
Account Manager: Jake Stopper
Associate Account Manager: Ashley Diddell
Project Manager: Rachel Murad
Project Manager: Kaki White
Client: Brady
Co-President: Kristin Brown
Vice President, Programs: Kyleanne Hunter
Social Program Manager: Meg Hutcheon
Assistant Director: Bettina Lanyi
Partnerships Consultant: Priscilla Natkins
Production Company (“Justin” Film): Here Be Dragons
Director: Jim Cummings
DOP: Alex Disenhof
Executive Producer: David Richards
Executive Producer: Kamila Propok
Producer: Natalie Metzger
Production Company (Website Film): Residency Content
Director: Drew Bourdet
DOP: Dustin Lane
Executive Producer: Gaetan Rousseau
Producer: John Morrow
Editorial: Final Cut
Editor: Jim Helton
Assistant Editor: Dan Berk
Executive Producer: Sarah Roebuck
Head of Production: Penny Ensley
Post Production: Method Studios
Executive Produce:r Angela Lupo
Senior Producer: Graham Dunglinson
Production Coordinator: Kate Fitzpatrick
Flame Artist, VFX Lead: Tom McCullough
Post Production (Website Film): Hero Studios
Color Correct: Company 3
Colorist: Tim Masick
Senior Producer: Kevin Breheny
Music: Future Perfect
Composer / Sound Designer Victor Magro
Music Producer: Maxwell Gosling
Audio: Heard City
Mixer: Evan Mangiamele
Executive Producer: Sasha Awn
Audio (Website Film): duotone audio post
Sound Designer / Mixer: Andy Green
Executive Producer: Greg Tiefenbrun
Interactive Production Company: Superhero Cheesecake
Creative Director: Peter Coolen
Director of Technology: Rian Verhagen
Executive Producer: Niels Van Esch
Photographer: Paul McGeiver