【BRANDED SHORTS 2019】Endless Stories

【Branded Shorts 2019 ノミネート作品】Endless Stories
広告主: Getty Images
制作会社: Stink Films
Producer: Stink Films
Director: Squarehead
Image Search: Guilherme Ifanger
Executive Director: Ingrid Raszl
Executive Product: Guilherme Passos, Carolina Junqueira, Camila Martinez and Carla Onishi
Production Coordination: Paula Macedo and Rogerio Maestro
Editors: Squarehead, Danilo Abraham and Victor Cohen
Post Production | Color Grading: Stink House
Audio Production: Punch Audio
Production Company: Stink Films
VFX Company: Stink Films
Publisher: Squarehaed, Danilo Abraham and Victor Cohen
Vimeo / Youtube Link: https://vimeo.com/273910704
Sound Company: Punch