【Branded Shorts 2018 Shortlisted】Dedicated: Conor McGregor(USA)

【Branded Shorts 2018 Shortlisted】Dedicated (Conor McGregor)(3:06/USA/2017)
Client:Beats by Dre
Agency:Beats by Dre
Production Company:Doomsday Entertainment
Director:James Lees
Above The Noise
【Plot Summary】
This is dedicated to all the teachers who told me I’d never amount to nothin’. Conor McGregor is one of the most celebrated fighters in the world. And like every hero’s story, there is always a beginning. Our film chronicles Conor McGregor’s trajectory through Liam, a young fighter living in Crumlin, Dublin. Liam and his friends make their way through the same hardened streets that Conor McGregor grew up on, and end up in the Crumlin Boxing Club, where a young McGregor’s dreams of fighting became a reality.
By dating back to his boyish days in Dublin, the audience is able to not only witness, but experience the backstory of Conor McGregor. This film serves as a reminder to never forget where you came from, no matter where you end up. And to always stay dedicated to your dreams, because you know very well who you are.
The world is a noisy place. Whether you’re chasing boxing history, or the thing that matters most to you, it’s important to block out the distractions and remember how you got here.

Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Agency: Beats (Client Direct)
Director: James Lees
Director of Photography: Kevin Phillips
Executive Producer: Jason Cole
Producer: Rose Krane
Editor: Hank Corwin
Colorist: Dave Hussey