【Branded Shorts 2018 Shortlisted】The Vodka With Nothing To Hide(Sweden)

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【Branded Shorts 2018 Shortlisted】The Vodka With Nothing To Hide (2:52/Sweden/2018)
Client: The Absolut Company
Dir: Sam Hibbard
CD: Anthony Austin
Agency: BBH London
Production: Somesuch
【Plot Summary】
Launched as an internal training video, it features real Absolut staff, entirely naked, taking the viewer on a distillery tour.
【Contextual explanation】
Absolut’s production process is completely transparent. To dramatise this we chose to champion the honesty of our people through a naked tour of the distillery in our new employee film. Dramatising Absolut’s transparency and good humoured Swedish tone of voice. As well as the hero film, we also created YouTube bumpers, Facebook and SnapChat teasers that amplified interest guaranteed highest possible click-through rates.
Absolut has a unique distillery process; continually pushing the boundaries of sustainability and quality. They are so proud of their process they openly welcome people in to see themselves. They believe all producers should be transparent about their production. In a category where product claims are secretive or confusing, Absolut wanted to champion their transparency through a new campaign: ‘Absolut: the Vodka with Nothing to Hide.
【Creative strategy】
The campaign launched as an internal film to colleagues, featuring 28 actual absolut employees and was then rolled out publically across 33 markets simultaneously – the most successful market uptake in Absolut history. In the first week alone, the campaign has had unprecedented coverage, across trade, industry and mainstream press, including The New York Post and Financial Times. Receiving over 5 million views across all film assets in the first week alone.