【Branded Shorts 2018 Shortlisted】The Red Stain(USA)

The Red Stain
【Branded Shorts 2018 Shortlisted】The Red Stain(10:53/USA/2017)
Cient:Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Production Company:LANDIA / The Directors Bureau / Think Cattleya
Director:Saavedra Rodrigo
【Plot Summary】
“The Red Stain” is a 10-minute film set in Italy that follows a longtime married couple with a dry-cleaning business as they swap sensational stories to explain a mysterious red-wine stain on the garment of their handsome young customer, Billy. As their debate progresses, the tall tales climb higher, until the couple is left with a mixture of awe and suspicion for their American visitor. With a watchful eye, viewers can find carefully placed Easter eggs throughout the film.