【Branded Shorts 2018 Shortlisted】Dream Makers(UK)

Image 1 Honda Dream Makers
【Branded Shorts 2018 Shortlisted】Dream Makers(1:30/イギリス/2017)
Agency:Wieden + Kennedy
Production Company:Time Based Arts
Director:James Allen & Mike Skrgatic
【Plot Summary】
Honda’s tribute to the “dream makers” showcases the incredible craft and innovation that goes into filmmaking.

Centering around four Honda vehicles, each scene depicts a different film genre ranging from action to sci-fi. The scenes are meticulously crafted at a rapid pace going through different stages of the filmmaking process; from script to storyboards, CGI, grading… ending in a perfectly crafted scene. The process represents an analogy of the passion and relentless pursuit of excellence behind both great films and Honda vehicles.
【Contextual explanation】
Our creative tapped into the DNA of Honda – that of meticulous craft and attention to detail.
At Honda big dreams can start with a doodle, but it takes a long, meticulously planned and exciting process to make them happen. Great film-making also starts with a vision that requires countless hours and exceptional skills to be brought to life. Both dreams need a passionate and relentless pursuit of excellence to come true.
This common ground of incredible craft and innovation provided the solution. Our work needed to bring the world of film and Honda’s products together, in celebration of relentlessly pushing boundaries.
Dream Makers is a tribute to the incredible craft and innovation that goes into filmmaking. An attention to detail that also goes into Honda vehicles.