Announcement of The 9th Visual Tourism Award

Among tourism promotional films, movies, and videos produced in all 47 prefectures in Japan, Visual Tourism Award, Japan Tourism Agency Commisioner’s Award will be given to the most creative, promotional, and topical work, based on the perspective of tourism promotion.

【Title】Chosei Nostalgia
【Director】Eiki Yasuda
【Location】Chosei village, Chiba prefecture.

The changing of the seasons reminds an adolescent memory.
Chosei village faces Kujukuri beach and it is an only village exists in Chiba. Akari quits her job and came back to hometown. She refrains meeting a childhood friend from the village, Haru. However, the
transitioning of the seasons, reminds her an adolescent memory almost forgotten.
【Title】The Interrogation- “I love Hatsukaichi-city!”
【Director】Hiroyuki Miyagawa
【Location】Hatsukaichi-City, Hiroshima prefecture.
【Genre】City Promotion

In the dark, serious interrogation room, the detective and the guy were facing each other.
The detective was questioning the guy about "something", however he remeined silence on it.
Afeter awhile, the guy could not hide it any longer and finally he confessed his big love for Hatsukaichi- city and showed the t-shirt he put on, which is printed that “I loveHatsukaichi-city!”
【Title】The Phoenix”Dōgo Onsen”
【Director】Fumihiro Yoshimura
【Location】Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

The important cultural property of Matsuyama City in Ehime Prefecture, the Dōgo Onsen Honkan, is currently open while undergoing repairs to preserve the building. The Phoenix has come to Dōgo Onsen. A story of “revival” that takes place at Japan’s oldest hot springs. It is brand new three-part spinoff of The Phoenix produced by Tezuka Productions.
【Title】A Drop in Okayama
【Director】Tomoya Maeno
【Location】Okayama prefecture.

Koichi is a picture book artist who has writer’s block, and Hare is a high school girl whose smile has vanished from her face. One day, they meet each other on a beach in Okayama. As he happens to know Hare’s secret, Koichi finds loneliness lying deep in her heart. Koichi also confesses Hare about himself suffering from a traumatic experience. When they take a new step in Okayama, a raindrop falls on him.
【Title】Learn More About Fukushima
【Production】Supervisor:Michihiko Yanai Director,Original picture:Bunpei Yorifuji
【Lengh】5:56 (6seconds per 59 cities, towns, and villages)
【Location】Fukushima Prefecture (59 cities, towns, and villages)
【Production Year】2020

The charms of all 59 cities, towns, and villages in Fukushima Prefecture are squeezed into 6 seconds
respectively in this short film, in the hope that viewers will be more closely attracted to Fukushima and upon learning about Fukushima, will feel more excited about it. The navigator Bekotaro, whose motif is a folk toy called Akabeko, introduces the delightful charms of Fukushima in a light rhythm using animation.