Announcement of BRANDED SHORTS 2022 shortlist (3rd)

We have announced the 3rd batch of shortlisted works for Branded Shorts of the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022.
Branded Shorts started accepting entries from August. We will be listing the shortlist every month till next February, announcing the nominees in April.
In the third segment of the short list, instead of focusing on what changed during the pandemic it focuses on what hadn’t changed, relationships and dreams. There were a lot of companies that wanted to give people hope. With the holidays coming up there were also a lot of Christmas themed films.


「さくら」を贈るプロジェクト 卒業ドキュメンタリー

“Sakura” wo Okuru Project  Sotsugyo Documentary (A Project to send “Sakura”, Graduation Documentary)

Client: Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Agent: Hakuhodo
Prduction:AOI Pro.


“Inter High wo torimaku  Stories” (Stories surrounding Inter-High School Competition)
Client:  Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Agent:E-3 Inc.
Production:E-3 Inc.

超ショートサスペンス「淡路島湯けむりサスペンス劇場 〜おてんば女将とうっかり刑事の連続事件簿〜 絶景露天と名物グルメ!消えた玉ねぎの妖しいトリック! からくり人形と血塗られたメッセージ!?被害者はあの人!? 美人の湯に狸伝説!?ワケあり真犯人の驚愕の真実とは!?」 総集編

Cho Short Suspense “Awajishima Yukemuri Suspense Gekijo” (Super Short Suspense “Awajishima  Steam Rising from a Hot Spring Suspense Theater”)

Client:Sumoto Hot Spring Cooperative / Minami Awaji Hot Spring Cooperative
Agent:Daiko Ad
Production:Hits Corporation / DADAN

A Lockdown Love Story


Client: Heineken
Agent: Publicis Italy/Le Pub
Production: Division

Caring Makes Magic: A Holiday Tale


Client:Montefiore Health System
Agent:Alto Brooklyn
Production:RadicalMedia USA

When Harry Met Santa


Client: Postern
Agent: POL Oslo
Production: B-Reel Films Europe