Announcement of BRANDED SHORTS 2022 shortlist (5 th)

We have announced the 3rd batch of shortlisted works for Branded Shorts of the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022.

Branded Shorts started accepting entries from August. We will be listing the shortlist every month till next March, announcing the nominees in April.

Many entries from local governments throughout Japan were selected for the fifth short list. There were works aimed not only at tourism promotion but also at the promotion of emigration and settlement, and there were many works that convey the charm of the region using a wide variety of methods.




Client: Ukumachi Tourist Association
Agent: Nagasaki International Television Broadcasting Inc.
Prduction: LUCA Inc.



Client: NETGEAR Japan
Agent: matsuo project Inc.
Prduction: matsuo project Inc.

「Aso no Fujichaku


Client: Kumamoto Prefecture
Agent: JR Kyushu Agency Co., Ltd.
Prduction: T&E

「If Tasty, It’s AL」


広告会社:Cheil Agency
制作会社:Aesop Visualteller Production
Client: Samsung
Agent: Cheil Agency
Prduction: Aesop Visualteller Production

「Start in Saga」


Client: Saga Prefecture
Agent: JR Kyushu Agency Co., Ltd.
Prduction: T&E