【Report】 The Utilization of Moving Images in Global Marketing
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Many of the industry’s most successful advertisers and executives including Kozoh Takaoka, Miyoshi Mogi, Yuhei Mizuno, Tetsuya Bessho, Lo Sheung Yan (Mayan) from the largest Ad festival in Asia, Adfest, held a talk session and shared their opinions on branded movies.




(YouTube Japan – Yuhei Mizuno)

“In order to grow a branded movie, the key is to “just try” and release as many as you can without thinking too hard about it. From there, you will start to see what you are aiming for and what you are targeting. For example, at YouTube, we can analyze and measure the number of viewers, comments and the number of times it was shared. Since I can obtain this data per country, I can order just the right amount”.


(Nestlé Japan – Kozoh Takaoka)

“Being part of the movie as an investor and airing the commercial in the movie theatre is not enough to gain revenue in the 21st century. The number of movie investors are declining as well and in order to solve this problem, I believe everyone will start investing and using promotion through the internet. The cost for companies to create a short film is way lower than to create a TV commercial. For the filming studios, if they could receive many branded shorts orders, they could make enough money as well”.

He continued, “It is said that after the 20th century, people have started to lose interest in “things” and have stopped purchasing things. That is certainly because the solutions were no longer a thing but it was either a service or something you cannot see. Everything was solvable through the internet (Uber, Airbnb, Apple, Facebook, Google…etc.). Like so, I believe that Branded Shorts is solving a marketing problem with movies on the internet, and it is very innovative.”


(Adfest – Mayan)

“In order for branded movies to be successful, the movie needs to be something that viewers want to watch until the end”.


(SSFF & ASIA – Testuya Bessho)

Relating to the topic of “How to have more viewers for branded movies” Bessho brought in the idea of using VR and drones as an example, and explained how the shorts need to be “unexpected” and “unpredictable”. He also noted the importance of not violating the manner and privacy of others.


(MHD – Miyoshi Mogi)

“It has been understood that in order for companies to create branded movies, the movie needs to lead the consumer to an actual purchase. If we cannot accomplish this, there is no second movie. However, time has changed and I feel that we could gain something more than just a simple purchase if we could connect the consumer and the shorts, and the platform becomes the place for communication that brings value to the shorts.”


As a message to the companies who are considering in creating branded movies;

“Branded movies allow you to share and provide brand messages that cannot be shared through commercials. A smart marketing strategy involves being able to concentrate on the target, goal and message, and be concise. But let’s think of this as a tool where you can go all out!”



“The origin of branded shorts is to think to whom this message is for and how you want to deliver this message” said Tetsuya Bessho, Founder/President of SSFF & ASIA. “I wish for this conference to grow in the near future and to make Japan a mecca for digital shorts marketing”.