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Watch 2023.11.2

BRANDED SHORTS 2024 The 2nd Shortlist is Announced

BRANDED SHORTS announced the 2nd short list for the SSFF & ASIA 2024 as follow.

“Language We Know”

【Client】Coastal Football Club

Akita City Promotion Movie “Life is a Journey”

【Client】Akita City 
【Production】Visual Space

“Hajimete no Furisode”(Her first Furisode)

【Client】Kyoto Kimono Yuzen Inc.
【Agent】Blue Gate House, YRK and

“Osekkai na Haha no Negai”(Nosy Mother’s Wish)
【Agent】Accenture Song
【Production】AOI Pro.

“Bloom in the mirror”(TSI HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.)

【Agent】Accenture Song
【Production】Roy Hobbs

BRANDED SHORTS keeps calling for entries for 2024 Festival till the end of Feb.