Introducing this year’s award-winning works.

2023 Award

Branded Shorts of the YearInternational Competition

Me, My Autism & I

The film is a day in the life of Ash, cast alongside her real family and friends, and the visceral importance of her hoodie. Everything in the film is based on lived experience.

Ash’s morning routine is disturbed by her family running late. She stims with her hoodie to calm herself. This volatility continues through the school day. We see her excel at maths, but when someone accidentally brushes against her in the corridor, it sends her autism into overdrive and she retreats to the sensory room.

Once home, she gets paint on her beloved hoodie and asks Dad to wash it. The tender way he folds it and places it on the banister speaks volumes.

Ash's sister's patience snaps when a therapeutic drum solo interrupts her favourite programme. She takes her sister’s hoodie. This sends Ash into shutdown, but once reunited she attends school with her close friends.

ClientVanish & Ambitious About Autism

AgencyHavas London

ProductionSMUGGLER London

Director:Tom / Hooper / Time 0:03:40 / Country:UK / Branded Movie / 2022

Branded Shorts of the YearNational Competition

Chamisul in Love 2

The film is a compilation of classic scenes from Korean dramas, with each scene given a unique and clever name that makes you want to reference other dramas on social media. The goal was to elicit positive feelings from fans of Korean dramas, rather than relying on cheap laughs from mocking tropes. Chamisul, a staple of Korean dramas, also makes an appearance as part of the content. The video features an OST (original soundtrack) in the style of Korean dramas and pays homage to iconic moments such as folding smartphones and rain falling on a sunny day. The naming conventions never belittle the source material, instead inducing laughter while maintaining a sense of respect. By carefully weaving elements throughout the story that fans of Korean dramas will want to share with others, the video exudes a 100% love that sets it apart from other trope-filled productions.

ClientJinro Co Ltd

AgencyJR East Marketing & Communications,Inc.

ProductionAOI Pro. / FIELD MANAGEMENT Inc.

Director:Eunhee John / Time 0:06:30 / Country:Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

Deloitte Digital Award

Kenshi Yonezu x PlayStation®️

Play Has No Limits

ClientSony Interactive Entertainment

AgencySIX/Hakuhodo/Hakuhodo Kettle

ProductionGEEK PICTURES/Khaki/IMAGICA/Omnibus Japan/MARK

Director:Yuichi Kodama / 0:02:03 / Country:Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

HR Competition supported by Indeed HR Best Short Award

Documentary about a new editor of WEBTOON

This film is a behind-the-scenes documentary that follows a new webtoon editor at the largest domestic webtoon studio until the release of her first assigned work. The film captures the editor's expectations, nervousness, and determination to pursue her dreams in a new field. It delves into the editor's inner thoughts and feelings as she struggle to overcome challenges and achieve success.




Director:Tommaso Barbetta / 0:08:41 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

The 12th Visual Tourism Award, Japan Tourism Agency Commisioner’s Award


【Aomori Prefecture】
Fall 2022. Haruka Kudo (21), a shy college student from Tsugaru, is struggling with job hunting. One day, while on her way to Tokyo, she reunites with her old friend from job hunting, Aoi Mikami (21). The Tohoku Shinkansen line is suspended all day, and Aoi, seeing Haruka feeling down, forcefully takes her on a local trip using transportation expenses. This is a youth movie that portrays the one-night, two-day escape of Haruka and Aoi, who are struggling with job hunting.

ClientAomori Prefecture



Director: Yuichiro Fujishiro / 0:23:28 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022