Introducing this year’s award-winning works.

2022 Award

Branded Shorts of the YearInternational Competition





Show Yanagisawa / 0:02:20 / Netherlands / Branded Movie / 2021

Branded Shorts of the YearNational Competition


Withdrawn since her mother’s death, Mai spends her days playing online games and sleeping. Concerned, her father seeks advice.

ClientNETGEAR Japan

Agencymatsuo project Inc.

Productionmatsuo project Inc.

GAZEBO / 0:21:54 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2021

Deloitte Digital Award

Taking Flight

Inspire Impossible Stories. Books move the hearts of people all over the world. This is a 100-second story in which various works from Kodansha take off to the world and reach their hearts.

ClientKodansha Ltd.



Juan Cabral / 0:01:40 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2021

Deloitte Digital Award

The Wish

A wish list becomes the plea of a generation, when a  teenage boy asks his mother what she wants for  Christmas, and  she answers in the most unusual way: “I wish for you to get your youth back” – along with all the ups and downs of growing up. She wishes for everything her son so deeply missed, during two years of the pandemic and hard restrictions of social life.


AgencyServiceplan Germany

ProductionIconoclast Germany

0:03:49 / Germany / Branded Movie / 2021

Deloitte Digital Award

Unspoken Love

Inspired by a true story, the film is features a deaf-mute young couple from two far away cities, who met each other from a video social site using their OPPO Reno5 smartphones. Over time, their love grows as they understand each other more by communicating via portrait video everyday until the day they finally decide to meet up in person because they are each others shinning star.



ProductionThe Eye Advertising & Films

0:08:47 / China / Branded Movie / 2021

HR Competition supported by Indeed HR Award

Kindness is also yours

A high school student, who retired from club activities, now start thinking about his future. He has no idea what he would like to do, and worries about his future.




Masaki Miya / 0:03:24 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2021

The 11th Visual Tourism Award, Japan Tourism Agency Commisioner’s Award


Today's travelers follow the path of Iemori Taira that has been passed down to Ukujima, and while thinking about it, they will eventually
synchronize as they come into contact with a livelihood for life and culture of the people on the island that are still alive
past and future. It is a journey story that encounters a miracle that "people return to themselves".

ClientUkumachi Tourist Association

AgencyNagasaki International Television Broadcasting Inc.

ProductionLUCA Inc.

Tekkou Nogami / 0:04:02 / Japan / Tourism / 2021